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Chateau Highball started as conceptual challenge to the primacy champagne has on celebration. We loved the sense of togetherness and joy that that familiar "POP" of a bottle opening has. We wanted to expand on that so we asked ourselves how can we replicate that feeling and open it up to other drinks: this created the starting ground for our Chateau Highball. Like all ideas it evolves and it refines. After understanding the complication and the scope of this project we decided to go all in.

Having full control of the process, ingredients and bottling we realised that with further effort (a lot of it:) we could achieve the healthiest possible version of a such a blend. Our bottling method allows us to avoid any preservatives, additives or stabilisers, all natural became our motto. Last step was the taste but having achieved our first two goals we might as well go all in! Result is that the formulation is lab tested and the tasting notes balanced in our lab to be the perfect blend of our highballs, Italian craftsmanship does the rest. For example our Gin is made to match the natural quinine and the stevia of our custom made tonic, the ageing of the whisky oak barrels to the spring water soda, all to have the perfect and always consistent highball we deserve, no matter who or where it is prepared, just pour, a bit of ice to taste and be amazed. Oh wait, don’t forget the awe inducing opening experience and the fact that you will thank us the next day when you are feeling nice and fresh (drink in moderation tho!).

So here we go: happy POP, healthy ingredients and a perfect balance. If you drink you should drink the best. Chateau Highball musters time-honoured rules and leverages on tradition to innovate and create a new and completely unique experience.


Chateau Highball is the first premier MULTI-SPIRITS DRINKS manufacturer. We make high end highball blends bottled in champagne format. All bottled in Italy and filled in small batches in Champenoise bottles with natural cork. Premium natural ingredients. Full control over the whole process, tasting notes studied and matched to create the perfect highball. Lab formulated and blended. Distilled in best in kind facilities.

Chateau Highball is fast and easy to serve. Perfect as for busy bars, clubs and restaurants. 5-6 double strength glasses per bottle. Always perfectly made, no room for mistakes.

Furthermore with no expiry date, just like champagne, it only gets better with age.

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